Terms and Conditions of Membership


ACOR’s membership year commences in the Financial Year, running from 1 July to 30 June and membership fees are payable annually.


Members who apply to join ACOR part way through the year may only be liable for a pro-rated membership fee at the discretion of ACOR’s Chief Executive Officer.


Membership of ACOR is automatically renewed every year unless members contact the Chief Executive Officer directly in writing before 1 June confirming that they wish to cancel their membership. Any members who contact the Chief Executive Officer after this date will be liable for the full annual membership fee for the new membership year.


Once an application form is received from a new member, such member has the right during the 14-day period from submission of the membership application form to cancel their membership application and receive a full refund. Thereafter the applicant is liable to pay the full annual membership fee and any fees already paid are non- refundable.


Applicant’s turnover, the banding selected must be based on the member company’s annual turnover at the time of joining ACOR or at the time of renewal, whichever is the latest. If the company’s turnover is subsequently found to be higher than stated, then ACOR reserves the right to invoice the company for the difference.


All membership fees and other amounts owed to ACOR are payable in AUD only.


Payment of membership fees not received within 30 days of becoming due may result in membership being considered lapsed and all services being suspended pending receipt of payment. However, liability to pay membership fees will not lapse and ACOR will reserve the right to accrue a one-off increase in membership fees payable by 10% if not paid by the due date (within 14 days of invoice issue).


Membership of ACOR covers employees of the member company named on the application form only. Parent, subsidiary or related companies will need to join in their own right if employees of those companies wish to receive member benefits.


Only members who have paid their membership fees are eligible for a free listing on the website or to advertise in any published directories ACOR may wish to produce.


Company listings will be made live on ACOR website once ACOR has received a member’s completed listing form and payment of membership fees.


It is members’ responsibility to provide their company information for the website directory.


ACOR has no liability for advice provided through us by members or recommended third parties.


Terms and conditions of membership may be revised from time to time and will be notified to members in writing.


Members will be notified in writing of changes to membership fees.


If a member cancels membership or otherwise ceases to become a members, all references made to ACOR and any items which remains ACOR intellectual property (e.g. logos) must be removed from company literature, stationary and company websites as soon as possible but in any event no later than 30 days from the date of cancellation.


Any actions or behaviour by Members which brings ACOR into disrepute may result in termination of membership at the discretion of ACOR.